My first impression of Zuffa Home was very positive. A Canadian Eames chair reproduction company, they have a very professionally laid out and beautiful website and well informed customer service. However, upon further inspection, I was really let down.

I was initially impressed by the apparent quality of their Eames chair and the quality of their pictures. You could tell that the silhouette of the chair is correct, that there is enough tufting, that the leather is nice and that it is an accurate reproduction. But when I was flipping through the pictures, I noticed that they looked really familiar. Some of them are actually taken from other retailers!

When you know what you’re looking for, it’s clear that the pictures aren’t of the same chair. The leather quality and angle of the chair is different in almost every picture. If you need proof, one of the photos was actually an old copy of Rove Concepts’. As well, they have blatantly copied Rove Concepts’ page design footer and a lot of their writing. This was, of course, incredibly disappointing.

To their credit, their customer service is quite good and definitely more knowledgeable than some of the other places I have contacted. They have a toll-free number, though I would have liked a live chat option.

The representative told me that all of their chair components are imported and then assembled in China at a factory exclusive to them. They only use Italian aniline leather, have rubber shock mounts and a 15 degree tilt. It comes fully assembled and has the same base as the licensed Herman Miller chair, meaning that the legs and feet are straight.

Zuffa Home has free swatches and pretty good service so I’d recommend calling and asking for more detailed pictures of their actual chair in their showroom or warehouse and to order swatches of their leather but personally, I wouldn’t order from them because of ethical reasons.



Where are your chairs made?

The chairs are assembled in China.

Where are your leathers sourced from?

The leather is sourced from Italy. **The chair is the same as Kardiel, which means the leather is from China 

What is the difference between standard and aniline leather?

Aniline leather is fully dyed through, while top grain leather is often only dyed on top, which can allow it to crack later. Aniline leather can last 20 – 30 years and just looks better with time.

Does your chair have any flex like the original?

Yes, it has some flex from the rubber shock mounts. **No rubber shock mounts

Are there rubber shock mounts like the original? 

Yes. **No rubber shock mounts

Does the chair come fully assembled?

Yes, both the chair and ottoman are fully assembled.

Is your chair the Herman Miller or Vitra version?

It is a Herman Miller version.

Does anyone in North America sell the same chair?

No, our chairs are made exclusively for us. **InStyleModern and Kardiel sells the same chair

Are your pictures your own or did you taken them from another company?

They’re trying to pass off their chairs as exclusive to them but InStyleModern and Kardiel have the same chairs and resources.


Product Summary:


Herman Miller version

Available in Black and White / Rosewood and Walnut

Contact: 1.888.540.7067


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