Rove Concepts is one of the more prominent Eames chair retailers on the internet. It’s definitely on the upper area in terms of pricing but the site is gorgeous and it looks like the service is pretty solid. I have some concerns about the company though but I’ll get into that more later on.

This company is definitely a little more expensive than a lot of other Eames sites that I’ve seen around, though they’re not the most expensive. I’d rate them on the higher, but not highest, end. I don’t necessarily have a problem paying a little more if I get it back in terms of quality though. If I’m already committing to more than a thousand dollars, I might as well get something that I’m happy with. I wouldn’t lay down that much money without seeing how good the craftsmanship on these chairs is. The best way to check when buying on the internet is through swatches, reviews and by checking their return policy, just in case.

It’s always really hard to tell the quality of any product you buy online because you can’t see it in person. However, Rove Concepts does a really good job reassuring you of their quality. Like most companies, they offer free swatches but the difference is how they are sent and how nice the material is. I got a selection of aniline leather swatches and they were great but the packaging was really surprising. It comes in a gorgeous black matte envelope that holds the material with lots of writing about the company and sourcing, which is fantastic. My only complaint would be that they don’t provide veneer samples but I have yet to find a retailer that does (maybe it’s a cost/shipping issue).

Another thing that’s nice about the company is that they have a showroom in their headquarters at Vancouver, BC, Canada. It’s good that they’re confident enough in their products because a lot of online retailers are really hesitant to even take close-up pictures of their pieces or even worse: their sales people are selling items that they’ve never even seen in person. Of course, Vancouver is really far from most of us, but it’s nice that they offer it and aren’t afraid to show their offices either. It makes me feel better about ordering from them.

One thing I have very mixed feeling about is their service. I personally had a great experience speaking to their sales team but I’ve heard that a lot of other people haven’t. I don’t know the circumstances of those cases but it does make me wonder why reviews are so inconsistent. I went on live chat and they were very quick to respond and when they found out I was so curious, they encouraged me to call them. I spoke to a nice person named Elly, who was very informative and really, really friendly. She even got back to me on the few questions she couldn’t answer right away the next day.

However, when I looked up what people thought of their representatives online, there was a lot of mixed feedback. A lot of people said that they were amazing, helpful and one of the best parts of the company. But there were a few posters who were vehemently against the company and had a really poor time dealing with them. I don’t really understand why there is such a difference of opinion, especially since I had such a good one. It’s possible that the really bad reviews are made up from their competitors, as there apparently been quite a few cases of that happening.

Rove Concepts does a lot of advertising; I looked at their site once and now it pops up in all my ads because of targeted marketing. It’s annoying but also promising. Obviously they’re a successful company if they can afford to advertise that much and I’d only want to buy from companies who are successful enough to stay in business in such a competitive market. Interestingly enough, they do regular press releases as well, which is different and pretty impressive as well.

I know that user experience isn’t talked about by most people but I think it’s important to have a good time when you shop online. It makes me feel better about ordering from somewhere that’s able to afford to invest time and money into representing their company as well as possible. And being able to navigate a page easily just makes me happier. Rove Concepts has a beautiful site. It’s modern, clean and easy to use, plus all the content looks original. The pictures are big and the swatch colors are true to the colors on the site.

I don’t have any complaints except that their shipping time seems to be a little slow. However, I looked it up and the company looks like they went the extra mile to fix the delays. In a press release, they even said that they switched logistics companies to make sure it didn’t happen anymore. I haven’t heard very much about whether it’s actually improved but they deserve some credit for doing their best to solve the problem.

I have a few reservations about ordering from Rove Concepts, such as their price and their potentially slow shipping times. They’re certainly not without their faults but they may be the first retailer to not lie to me once, so far as I can tell. The company is one of my first choices to get an Eames chair from.



Where are your chairs made?

The chairs are made in China but the materials are sourced elsewhere.

Where are your leathers sourced from?

All the leathers are sourced from Italy.

What is the difference between standard and aniline leather?

Aniline leather is fully dyed without any synthetic top coating, meaning that it will develop a soft and natural patina over time.

Does your chair have any flex like the original?

Yes, there is flex.

Are there rubber shock mounts like the original?

Yes, the rubber shock mounts are located on the armrests, so the flex is real.

Does the chair come fully assembled?

Yes, it arrives fully assembled.

Does anyone in North America sell the same chair?

No, their items are exclusively made in their own manufacturing facilities **Judging from their original looking pictures, this is correct

Are your pictures your own or did you taken them from another company?

All their content looks original.


Product Summary:


Herman Miller version

Available in a selection of colors / Walnut, Oak, Palisander

Contact: 1-800-705-6217, live chat or at

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