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Office Chairs Canada seems to be a step back from the other reproduction Eames chair companies out there. Even though their product is very inexpensive, making them a lower-to-middle end retailer, I believe that it isn’t worth the price. I’ve based my evaluation on the quality of the chair and the company’s unprofessional appearance.

The Eames chair is a poor knock-off of the iconic piece. The most obvious features that mark it as “cheap” are the leather quality and the tufting. The leather looks dull and inexpensive, even from far away. It is also drawn very tightly, which creates a very uncomfortable seat because there is little tufting. It wouldn’t be like sitting in the luxurious and relaxing licensed version.

Another troublesome thing about Office Chairs Canada is the website. It isn’t laid out very professionally, which always makes me hesitate when I’m buying online. It prominently features text like “Free delivery!!!” and isn’t organized well.

They are also difficult to contact. They don’t have a live chat option on their site and I couldn’t reach anyone when I called, which was during business hours. I can’t ask my standard questions that I’ve been asking everyone but judging from the site and the product, I doubt I’d be impressed.

I don’t want to seem overly harsh towards this company. Their chair is very inexpensive and they offer several colors, as well as an aniline leather option. Office Chairs Canada certainly isn’t for me but you may find that it suits your needs.



N/A (Wouldn’t answer the phone)


Product Summary:

$899.00 – $999.00

Vitra version

Available in Black, White, Brown, Cigar Brown / Rosewood

Contact: 1-866-351-7999

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