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Kardiel is another Eames Lounge Chair reproduction company. Their price range varies depending on your configuration choice and looks like an acceptably similar copy of the original Vitra according to their pictures. I spoke to a sales representative to answer some questions over their live chat feature.

I have mixed feelings towards Kardiel after speaking with a customer service representative and looking at their site. My experience with their customer service was outstanding. Stacey, the representative I was speaking to, was informed, kind and very patient with all my questions. Very few things are more reassuring when buying online than speaking to a competent and friendly sales person. However, I’m a little hesitant about the actual quality of their products. I’ve also learned that they sell the same product as lexmod.com.

All the answers to my questions about the Eames chair were very helpful. Their Eames chair is made in China and their leathers are sourced from various parts of Europe. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying a product made in China considering everything is made there. I’m happy as long as the manufacturer is honest about where it is produced.

The sales representative was very knowledgeable about leathers as well. She told me details like how their premium aniline leather is made from the whole hide and dyed throughout. It is softer and warmer, while standard leather has had the top layer peeled away and has had the color and texture stamped in. It has more of a pebbled look, feels cooler and less authentic.

The chair comes almost fully assembled and only needs four bolts to attach the body to the base. It takes about 15 minutes. It is the Vitra version, meaning that it is probably made by the same manufacturers as other Eames Vitra reproductions.

Arguably, the most attractive part of this Eames chair is the price range. You can choose your price point, whether you’d like to purchase your chair for the base price of $895 for standard leather or upgrade from there. Another advantage to choosing Kardiel is that there is a wider variety of color configurations.

The downside of this chair is that it honestly doesn’t look like it’s as good quality as other reproductions out there. I can’t say for sure as I’ve never seen it in person but the pictures aren’t very good quality. The site is also not very nicely laid out, though that may not be a reflection of the Eames chair itself. The sales representative was also very frank with me when I asked her whether the chair had any flex. She said that it is pretty much stationary and that the chair only moves around ¼”.

Kardiel is a good balance of quality and price. It’s less expensive than most middle range Eames chairs and gives you more options than many other retailers. Dealing with their customer service is a pleasure as well, which is a feature that can’t be ignored, especially when ordering online. If price was a concern, I would definitely recommend contacting them for samples of their leather and more detailed pictures of their products. As well, if you do decide to purchase from them, don’t forget to compare prices to lexmod.com because they are the same chair.


Where are your chairs made? 


Where are your leathers sourced from? 

Various parts of Europe. **My leather samples show that they’re from China 

What is the difference between standard and aniline leather?

The premium aniline is the whole hide, and has been dyed throughout. It’s softer and warmer. The standard leather has had the top layer peeled away and the color and texture stamped in. It has a more pebbled look and feels cooler, less authentic.

Does your chair have any flex like the original?

No, it’s pretty stationary.

Are there rubber shock mounts like the original?

There are but the whole upper half of the chair doesn’t have very much give (maybe 1/4″) .

Does the chair come fully assembled?

It needs to be attached by four bolts from the body to the base. The ottoman just drops into the base. It should take about 15 minutes.

Is your chair the Herman Miller or Vitra version?

The base can come in both versions but the Vitra is a polished aluminium, not black.

Does anyone in North America sell the same chair?

I don’t know, that information is not available to me. **I looked around more and Lexmod on Amazon sells the same chair, meaning that they are mass produced as well 

Product Summary:


Available in a variety of color configurations

Contact: 1-877-844-4988, email at sales@kardiel.com, live chat at www.kardiel.com

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