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Barcelona Designs comes up as one of the high to mid-range Eames chair reproduction retailer. They look similar to the original Eames Vitra version from the pictures. Unfortunately, though they provide nice pictures of the chair, I don’t feel comfortable recommending them. I had a very poor experience dealing with their company and honestly, it made me very hesitant to order from Manhattan Home Designs too.

I contacted Barcelona Designs right after I had gotten off the phone with Manhattan Home Designs. MHD’s customer service left a lot to be desired as the sales representative didn’t know the answers to my questions or answered them incorrectly. He was unprofessional, answering the phone with “Hello,” and wasn’t very excited about his product. When I called Barcelona Designs, I was dismayed to reach the exact same sales person. He seemed very flustered and immediately put me on hold to be passed on to his supervisor.

I was told that MHD and Barcelona Designs are the same company (MHD is American and Barcelona Designs is Canadian), which I don’t think is necessarily a bad thing. It’s perfectly understandable to establish two retailers under the same parent company, though I doubt they would have admitted it if I hadn’t accidentally spoken to the same sales person from MHD.

Barcelona Design’s Eames chairs are the exact same chairs as MHD. I’ve never seen the chair in person so I can’t vouch for how nice they are. However, I’d be nervous about ordering from such a disorganized company.

One nice thing is that they offer white as a leather color option, though aniline leather is significantly more expensive. Their chairs, like MHD, come 80% assembled and have the basic features of almost all mid-to-high reproductions out there, such as swivel mechanisms, leather piping and buttons, thin profile arm rests and cast aluminium bases.

Their chairs are oddly significantly more expensive than at MHD so if you’re willing to take the risk of ordering one of these chairs, order from MHD.

Note: I’m also editing my review of MHD to reflect my experience with Barcelona Designs.

Q&As (taken from MHD as they are the same company):

Where are your chairs made? 

Taiwan **My research actually indicates that they are made in China

Does your chair have any flex like the original? Are there rubber shock mounts?

He wasn’t sure. I had to ask explain what flex was and elaborate on where the rubber shock mounts should be to the representative. He later said that the chair was 98-99% identical to the original.

Does the chair come fully assembled?

No, it comes 80% assembled. It can be delivered fully assembled for a $159 fee.

Is your chair the Herman Miller or Vitra version?

It is the Herman Miller version. **This is wrong. It t is actually the Vitra version.

Does anyone in North America sell the same chair?

No. **My research indicates that the same Vitra chair is sold by other retailers, such as Eternity Modern, Modern Source and EM Furn 

Product Summary:


Vitra version

Available in black/palisander, black/walnut, brown/palisander, white/palisander, white/walnut, aniline leather upgrade

Contact: 1-877-810-0303, live chat at

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