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Eternity Modern is a Canadian Eames Lounge Chair reproduction company that works in Canada and the continental US. Their price range is in the middle and varies slightly depending on your leather and color upgrades. They offer a lot of color configuration varieties and I had a very nice time speaking with their customer service representative. However, I don’t feel comfortable fully advocating this company.


One of the nicest things about their Eames chairs is the variety of leather color and veneer configurations are available. Unlike most other reproductions that only come in basic black, white and brown, Eternity Modern offers Black, White, Dark Brown, Red and Cigar Brown, Antique Ebony, Distressed Whiskey and Cognac. They offer standard and aniline Italian leathers, though the chairs are made in China. Their veneers are available in Dark Walnut, Rosewood Palisander, Natural Oak, Black Oak and White.


Another good thing about Eternity Modern was their customer service. The sales person I spoke to was knowledgeable, helpful and didn’t mind all the questions I asked. She even went out of her way to ask her production manager what version of the chair it was when she wasn’t completely sure instead of guessing.


While it’s impossible to tell how much flex or backwards movement there is in this Eames chair, the sales representative did confirm that there was a limited amount, similar to the original. However, I know someone who owns this chair who has told me that there is almost no flex. I don’t think the sales representative purposely misled me but a chair with no flex doesn’t sound very comfortable.


I have a big hesitation about recommending them that can’t be ignored. Their Eames chair pictures are very small and the details are hard to make out. The photos don’t expand very much, unlike other retailers, which makes me very nervous about the quality of their products. I would never buy anything off the internet if I wasn’t at least relatively sure of its craftsmanship, materials and longevity. Eternity Modern doesn’t do a good job of reassuring me of this.


Another important issue I have with this company is that their products are sold by other retailers. I’ve learned that they sell the same Eames Vitra chair as Manhattan Home Design. It’d be necessary to compare to see whether you like the craftsmanship and materials of these chairs and see which one is less expensive before you buy from either because they are the same chair.


Even though I really enjoyed their customer service, I can’t stand behind Eternity Modern without knowing more about their Eames chair. If you like the price range and feel comfortable, I’d strongly suggest contacting their kind sales representatives for leather and veneer samples and more detailed pictures.



Where are your chairs made?


Where are your leathers sourced from?

Italy. **Like other Vitra versions, the leather is sourced from China

What is the difference between standard and aniline leather?

Aniline is a softer, finer leather that is dyed all the way through. Standard leather is coarse and stamped with texture.

Does your chair have any flex like the original?

Yes, there is some give. **No, I know someone with this chair and they have said that there is no flexibility.

Does the chair come fully assembled?

Is your chair the Herman Miller or Vitra version?

It is the Vitra version.

Does anyone in North America sell the same chair?

Yes, but I can’t say which retailers they are.


Product Summary:


Vitra version

Available in Black, White, Dark Brown, Red and Cigar Brown, Antique Ebony, Distressed Whiskey and Cognac/ Dark Walnut, Rosewood Palisander, Natural Oak, Black Oak and White

Contact: 1-800-993-0903, live chat at

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