MDH logo**UPDATE*** A user submitted this to me about Manhattan home design out right lying to their customers on their website claiming things are produce in USA.  As you can see from my reviews they carry the same chair as 3-4 other retailers and previously on my live chat with them they told me it was made from Taiwain. 

Manhattan Home Design Ripoff Report Here

Please read the entire article especially reviews from their actual employees admitting the boss got them to engage in shady practices. ( reviews can be found directly here )

My original review below as well.

Manhattan Home Design is a reproduction company that gets a lot of its business from its Eames Lounge Chair replicas. They’re at a middle-lower price range that sells a chair that is similar too, though not exactly the same, as the original chair. I contacted them through their live chat option and then gave them a call to get answers to some of my questions about their product.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed by MHD. I was really excited to learn more about their Eames chair, which is why I chose to investigate them first. Their price point is definitely a selling point and their product looked fairly accurate from afar. However, upon closer inspection, I was less impressed.

There are a lot of advantages to ordering from MDH and I can see why people find them so appealing. There isn’t any wait time from ordering to delivery as all models are in stock and ship within three days of purchase, which clearly shows that they are massed produced (because they are already all made and ready to be shipped). They carry the classic configurations so it’s likely that you’ll get what you want, so long as you’re looking for the iconic black leather/rosewood, black leather/walnut or brown leather/rosewood combinations. It’s also possible to upgrade your leather from standard to aniline leather, which is the most luxurious option.

I was really let down by their customer service though. I think that the shopping experience can really make or break the pleasure of purchasing something. I came to them with a set of questions that I feel every representative should be able to answer and spoke to them over the internet and on the phone. Both times I spoke to a polite man named Mike.

Unfortunately, Mike didn’t seem to be truthful in answering my questions and didn’t seem to know the answers to a few of my fairly standard questions. The most obvious problem was that I asked him whether the Eames chair was a reproduction of the Herman Miller or the Vitra version and he answered incorrectly. The MDH version is a Vitra but he told me that it was a copy of the Herman Miller, the more well-known and prestigious version. I don’t think he purposely told me the wrong answer but that’s clearly a problem.

He also told me that it is manufactured in Taiwan exclusively for MDH, which according to my research, isn’t right. I’ve learned that all Eames Vitra chairs are made in China by the same manufacturers for several companies. Also, and I will talk more about this in another blog post, MDH is associated with another company that sells identical Eames chairs, so the manufacturer clearly doesn’t make furniture just for MDH.

When I asked whether the chair had flex like the original, I had to explain several times what flex was (the ability to recline the chair with your own body weight) even though the term is standard when describing Eames chairs. He just agreed with me, saying that 98-99% of the chair is exactly the same as the original. I can’t say for sure whether this is true or not but considering that it wasn’t even identified as the right version of the original, I doubt it.

It also costs $159 to get the chair delivered fully assembled and $149 to get aniline leather, which comes standard in other companies. The selection of colors and veneers is also very limited with only three options.

Overall the customer service was very unprofessional. When I called, the phone was even answered with “Hello” so I had to ask whether I was even calling the right company. I can’t fault Mike because I don’t think it was his fault or that he was purposely misleading me. It was just an unpleasant experience that makes me not want to work with the company. If their service lacks this much accuracy and professionalism, I doubt that their products are much better.

Manhattan Home Design isn’t all bad even though I personally wouldn’t order from them. Their Eames chairs aren’t expensive; they’re real leather and come in the classic leathers and veneers. They look nice, though if you really look at the details, you’ll notice that the cushion upholstery and velcro aren’t like the original. If you aren’t too worried about customer service and accuracy, they seem to be a good option for the price.

Edit: MHD and Barcelona Designs is owned by the same company. Judging by the lack of professionalism at Barcelona Designs, I personally wouldn’t want to purchase from either company. If you’re interested in purchasing a chair from them, make sure to buy it from MHD and not Barcelona Designs as they’re actually significantly more expensive at Barcelona Designs.  


Where are your chairs made? 

Taiwan *My research actually indicates that they are made in China

Does your chair have any flex like the original? Are there rubber shock mounts?

He wasn’t sure. I had to ask explain what flex was and elaborate on where the rubber shock mounts should be to the representative. He later said that the chair was 98-99% identical to the original.

Does the chair come fully assembled?

No, it comes 80% assembled. It can be delivered fully assembled for a $159 fee.

Is your chair the Herman Miller or Vitra version?

It is the Herman Miller version. **This is wrong. It is actually the Vitra version that is carried by Modern Source, Eternity Modern, EM Furn and Barcelona Designs. 

Does anyone in North America sell the same chair?

No. My research indicates that the same Vitra chair is sold by other retailers.

Product Summary:


Vitra version

In-stock, ships in 1-3 days

Available in black/palisander, black/walnut, brown/palisander, aniline leather upgrade

Contact: 1-800-917-0297, live chat at

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