Rove Concepts is one of the more prominent Eames chair retailers on the internet. It’s definitely on the upper area in terms of pricing but the site is gorgeous and it looks like the service is pretty solid. I have some concerns about the company though but I’ll get into that more later on. This Read More →

My first impression of Zuffa Home was very positive. A Canadian Eames chair reproduction company, they have a very professionally laid out and beautiful website and well informed customer service. However, upon further inspection, I was really let down. I was initially impressed by the apparent quality of their Eames chair and the quality of Read More →

Office Chairs Canada seems to be a step back from the other reproduction Eames chair companies out there. Even though their product is very inexpensive, making them a lower-to-middle end retailer, I believe that it isn’t worth the price. I’ve based my evaluation on the quality of the chair and the company’s unprofessional appearance. The Read More →

EMFurn is a modern, contemporary and mid-century reproduction furniture company that was founded in late 2013. It is an extremely new company that has yet to establish itself firmly in the reproduction market so there aren’t many customer reviews on their service or products. Compared to other Eames Chairs on the market, EMFurm’s product is Read More →

Eternity Modern is a Canadian Eames Lounge Chair reproduction company that works in Canada and the continental US. Their price range is in the middle and varies slightly depending on your leather and color upgrades. They offer a lot of color configuration varieties and I had a very nice time speaking with their customer service Read More →

Barcelona Designs comes up as one of the high to mid-range Eames chair reproduction retailer. They look similar to the original Eames Vitra version from the pictures. Unfortunately, though they provide nice pictures of the chair, I don’t feel comfortable recommending them. I had a very poor experience dealing with their company and honestly, it Read More →

Kardiel is another Eames Lounge Chair reproduction company. Their price range varies depending on your configuration choice and looks like an acceptably similar copy of the original Vitra according to their pictures. I spoke to a sales representative to answer some questions over their live chat feature. I have mixed feelings towards Kardiel after speaking Read More →