Eames Lounge Chair Materials (Image 1)
Source: On Trus, “Home & Apartment: Amazing Black Eames Lounge Chair In Modern Living Room Ideas With Wooden Wall Panels Material Also Tv Shelves And Iron White Standing Lamp Black Curtain”

The materials used on your Eames Lounge Chair may be the most important factor in enjoying your purchase. Leathers, veneers, hardware… they all make a huge difference in what your chair looks like and how it will feel.

The licensed version uses premium, 100% natural full grain leather. It is semi-aniline, meaning that it is dyed all the way through with aniline dyes, and then is finished with a protective top coat.

Eames Lounge Chair Materials (Image 3)
Source: Herman Miller, “Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman”

Recently, the licensed Eames retailer has released an oil finish for its walnut and santos palisander veneers, in addition to the usual lacquer finish.

With the best Eames chairs, the frame is supported by die-cast aluminium back braces and feature a built-in swivel base.

Eames Lounge Chair Materials (Image 2)
Source: Modern Conscience, “Rare Finds”

Most importantly, you should simply be able to relax in your Eames Lounge Chair. Do your best to find a test chair to sit in, purchase from a retailer with a return policy or ask the retailer’s representatives as many questions as possible. It doesn’t matter how good the materials are if you find the chair uncomfortable!

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